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Step 5: Remarks

I hereby authorize Toyota Marilao, Bulacan Inc. to process and share my personal data to any of its accredited banks, which is likewise autohrized to receive, use, collect, and process my personal data, for the purpose of financing my purchase of auto vehicle/s from the dealer, or assignment of the dealer's right to its accredited bank, including verification, customer profiling, cross -checking, and credit investigation.

In this regard, my personal information may also be shared with accredited bank's branches, subsidiaries, affiliates, representative, or third party service providers.

I am also aware that the details of how my personal data will be processed and the rights available to me are listed in the accredited bank's Privacy Policy Statement. If I want to access, update or correct my personal date, or withdraw my consent, I know that I may contact the customer service of Toyota Marilao, Bulacan Inc. and its accredited banks.